fresh teabetea teas

Teabetea Story

At Teabetea, we subscribe to being a conscious brand, from our farmers to our customers, we abide by serving only what is good for people.

Our purpose is to create a purposeful tea-drinking habit. We want people to know the origin of their tea and when, where, and how it was made.

All our teas are handcrafted using centuries-old traditional practices, our effort is to keep this art rolling in this fast-paced world.

old woman sorting green tea

Purity Guaranteed

We firmly believe every tea drinker deserves fresh whole-leaf,
unadulterated tea in their cup. The best tea flavors come from a
whole-leaf where every nuance is intact. Being sick and tired of
flavored, adulterated teas available on market, we aspire to
bring back the glory of this magical plant.

Every single leaf of Teabetea tea is as pure as it gets.

Our Promise to You

Our commitment to sustainability is a core part of our mission. Our
firsthand experience with tea farmers and their hard work has led to
our heightened awareness of the dire need for social responsibility.

We commit ourselves to uplifting the quality of the teas and drinking
habits among the masses.

We generously provide for our hard-working small group of artisanal
tea farmers. We want to improve their livelihood and give them a fair
price for their work. Seeing the joy on their face is more fulfilling to
us in every way.