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Assam Orthodox Hand-Rolled Premium Oolong Tea

Assam Orthodox Hand-Rolled Premium Oolong Tea

100% Whole-Leaf

This hand-rolled Oolong tea is unique, as it has characteristics of both green and black tea. This tea has been mostly exported to European countries, so far, not anymore. Enjoy this rare tea for that royal experience with rich benefits.

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  • Health Benefits

    Lowers cholesterol
    Aids in prevention of Diabetes.
    Lowers risk of cancer
    Improves heart health

  • Brewing Instructions

    2 g of Assam hand-rolled Oolong
    180ml water at 85-95° C.
    Brew for 2 minutes.

  • Tasting Notes

    Roasted and woody aroma
    Roasted malty notes

  • Best Time To Enjoy

    30 mins before/after meals or with breakfast.

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Know Your Tea

Place of Origin: Assam, India

Place of origin: Assam, India.
Oolong takes the most attention to detail among all the teas.
Plucked carefully when tea buds are half the size of the fully grown leaf, sun-dried on bamboo "dala" to remove the moisture. In a very unique and fascinating process of any type of tea making, these leaves are now bruised by continuously shaking the leaves in the basket and putting pressure on them through the hand.
Tea leaves are then once again spread out. Now the leaves are heated and hand-rolled in the desired shape. Substandard tea leaves are then removed and one of the best ones is packed for you.
Kindly support the hard work our tea makers put in to bring the best teas for you.

  • Quality Assured

    We hand sort each batch, selecting only the premium grade leaves. Direct trading with small organic farmers, we ensures to deliver only best leaves for your cuppa.

  • Garden-To-Cup

    We pluck-wither-hand roll-dry-sort-pack and deliver it to you. No brokers, auctions or factory owners involved.

    Freshest tea is our priority.

  • Equitable Earnings

    We pledge to being a conscious business, uplifting our farmers lives matters to us. We support our tea farmers who cultivate ecologically sustainable gardens in remote locations around India.

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Customer Reviews

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Aditi Yadav
I liked the leaves so much

This is the first time I have tasted such a pure green tea. Leaves and its sweet smell after brew is so pleasing.