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Chamomile, Himalayan Wild

Chamomile, Himalayan Wild

100% Whole-Leaf

This chamomile herbal tea is something you will look forward to every night. A classic tea, made from the scented flowers and leaves of the wild chamomile plant, helps cure insomnia and evokes beautiful dreams. An infusion of our delicate Himalayan Chamomile herb tea will calm the nerves and help relax your body and mind. We encourage you to drink it right before bedtime for better quality sleep.

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  • Health Benefits

    Reduces anxiety and depression.
    Helps with insomnia and indigestion.
    Reduces menstrual pain.

  • Brewing Instructions

    3-4 grams Chamomile
    200 ml water at 95° C
    Brew for 4-5 minutes

  • Tasting Notes

    Golden and sweet
    Floral and soothing.

  • Best Time To Enjoy

    Before retiring to bed at night.
    Enjoy it alone after a large meal.

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Our herbs, like our teas, are pure and unadulterated. Grown organically
and with the utmost care, these herbs embody the true essence of nature.
We believe in letting the herbs be themselves, just like our teas.
Sourced straight from the backyard of our tea farmers' homes, these
herbs are truly unique and exclusive.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Quality, packaging, delivery all are excellent. I've not read the description properly and mistook this for roman/german chamomile. I prefer the taste of roman chamomile which is slightly sweeter and aromatic than this wild cultivar.

Prasun Ray
Superb camomile

Nothing beats this camomile from Teabetea. This is according to me gold standard of Camomile. As claimed 'wild and beautiful', so soothing after I drank it. Love love love

Deepa Rai
Wild organic

Best chamomile, whole flower, so good for peaceful sleep and stress relief. Thank you. Ordered again