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Lemongrass Green Tea

Lemongrass Green Tea

100% Whole-Leaf

A magical blend to help you lose that extra belly fat. It has the benefits of green tea and the invigorating taste of lemongrass. This blend helps you increase your body's metabolism, keeping you active.

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  • Health Benefits

    It reduces symptoms of fever.
    It reduces stomach cramps.
    Boosts metabolism
    Aids digestion.

  • Brewing Instructions

    2g of lemongrass green tea
    180ml water at 80-90° C
    Brew for 3-4 minutes.

  • Tasting Notes

    Citrusy mouthfeel, with a taste of lemon zest.
    Gives a lingering taste of mint.

  • Best Time To Enjoy

    Enjoy this brew in the morning on an empty stomach for most benefits.

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