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Masala Chai - 8 Spices

Masala Chai - 8 Spices

100% Whole-Leaf

An amazing blend of 8-organic herbs and spices and Assam CTC, full of antioxidants. Handcrafted by the wives of our tea farmers at home for that "zabardast" chai feeling. A perfect blend to enjoy with your family members, loved ones, or solo. Masala chai for your "masaledar" gossip, cute small or long talks.

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  • Health Benefits

    Boosts Immunity
    Reduces stress and anxiety.
    Fights against cough and cold.
    Improves digestion

  • Brewing Instructions

    5g of Assam Masala Chai
    200ml water at 90-95° C
    Brew for 5 minutes.
    Best served with milk, jaggery or honey.

  • Tasting Notes

    Aromatic, fragrant, flavorsome

  • Best time to enjoy

    Morning & Evening

Know Your Tea

Place of Origin: Assam, India

Place of Origin: Assam, India
Teabetea Masala Chai is made using Assam CTC black tea and 8 different organic spices. All herbs and spices in our masala chai are homegrown by our tea farmers. Once dried, they are crushed and ground in mortar and pestle by hand in small batches. The wives of our tea farmers know exactly much of each spice to mix, without the use of any weighing scale, to bring out the best flavor and fragrance. Spices in our masala chai are blended perfectly for that rich buttery texture and mouthful of deliciousness. Take a good whiff of that hot steam from the tea and indulge yourself in that nostalgia of ‘Ghar ki chai’.
Enjoy your tea!

Customer Reviews

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Pradeep Sethi

I liked how herbs and spice mixed in it makes brings out so much or aroma and flavor. I found my perfect masala chai with Teabetea