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Assam Orthodox Hand-Rolled Premium Green Tea

Assam Orthodox Hand-Rolled Premium Green Tea

100% Whole-Leaf

Experience authentic Assam tea with this hand-picked, hand-rolled premium green tea. Grown from India's renowned Assam state, enjoy the intense flavor and high antioxidant content that this green tea offers.

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  • Health Benefits

    Boosts metabolism, burns calories.
    Increases antioxidants in the body.
    Aids to anti-ageing
    Prevents wrinkles fine lines or ultraviolet radiation damage.

  • Brewing Instructions

    2 g of Assam hand-rolled green.
    180ml water at 80-90° C.
    Brew for 2-3 minutes.

  • Tasting Notes

    Mild bodied and flavorful.
    Smooth texture and aroma.

  • Best Time To Enjoy

    In the morning or in the afternoon.

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Know Your Tea

Place of Origin: Assam, India

Place of origin: Assam, India
Teabetea Assam Orthodox green teas are hand plucked and hand-rolled by our artisanal tea makers of Assam. The bud or the one leaf and two bud leaves are plucked early morning right before sunrise on our small farms, brought to wither in inside the dedicated huts made of bamboo, allowing just the right amount of sunlight. Once withered, it is hand rolled and oxidized for a short time to prevent the breakage of cells. Our tea farmers work hand to make sure you get the best of Assam tea.

  • Quality Assured

    We hand sort each batch, selecting only the premium grade leaves. Direct trading with small organic farmers, we ensures to deliver only best leaves for your cuppa.

  • Garden-To-Cup

    We pluck-wither-hand roll-dry-sort-pack and deliver it to you. No brokers, auctions or factory owners involved.

    Freshest tea is our priority.

  • Equitable Earnings

    We pledge to being a conscious business, uplifting our farmers lives matters to us. We support our tea farmers who cultivate ecologically sustainable gardens in remote locations around India.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tina Dutta
Hand rolled teas are always the best

My dad had small tea estate when I was a kid. He would not sell his tea to the big companies instead he along with his fried would hand roll it and it used to be liked by so many people. I have seen first hand how much effort it takes to make hand rolled teas. Factory made teas can never beat it. I really loved it and thank you for helping our farmers from Assam. Great smell of tea leaves after brew.

Prarag Dodani
Blown away

Blown away by the sweet sugarcane smell of the leaves after brew. Highly recommend for anyone looking for real authentic, handmade tea.