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Teabetea Gold

Teabetea Gold

100% Whole-Leaf

Indulge in the regal charm of Teabetea Gold, our royal blend crafted from premium Assam CTC and green tea fannings. A perfect harmony of robust Assam flavors and delicate green tea notes in every sip. Elevate your tea-drinking experience with this exquisite fusion, meticulously curated to tantalize your taste buds and invigorate your senses. Discover the golden standard of tea with Teabetea Gold.

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  • Health Benefits

    Boosts energy
    Aids digestion
    Supports immunity
    Enhances focus.

  • Brewing Instructions

    5g of Teabetea Gold
    200ml water at 90-95° C
    Brew for 5 minutes.
    Can be served with milk, jaggery or honey. Or plain.

  • Tasting Notes

    Robust, malty, with a hint of earthiness.

  • Best time to enjoy

    With breakfast or evening snacks.

Know Your Tea

Place of Origin: Assam, India

In our journey to craft Teabetea Gold, we've pursued excellence with utmost sincerity. Our artisans blend premium Assam CTC with loose leaf green tea fannings, curating a harmonious fusion that embodies our commitment to quality. From the verdant fields to your teacup, each step is imbued with care and reverence, ensuring a brew that captivates the senses and uplifts the spirit. Experience the essence of Teabetea Gold, a testament to our dedication to tea craftsmanship.